Deer restoration planning

Planning Carrie Deer Restoration

Taking a run-through of plans for restoration of the 40′ Carrie Deer salvage sculpture…in the rain no less! On the site Friday to review potential options for restoring the sculpture and creating gallery space in the foundation building. Ron Baraff, Tim Kaulen, Doug McDermott and Rick Rowlands withstood the sudden downpour to go over the details. Always grateful to their… Read more →

Deer Event at Carrie

AUG 16 – Save the Deer Event

August 16th is going to be an amazing experience! Rivers of Steel is hosting the first public showing of The Carrie Deer documentary amid a fantastic evening of art, performance, music and great food! Check in with the updates on all the activities on their event page! The goal of both the documentary and the event is to raise funding… Read more →

Urban art

Urban Art Tours at Carrie Furnaces

Not just a tour…an adventure in art! Shane Pilster, the mad man with a spray can, shares his experiences in the art of graffiti and design at the Carrie Furnaces site in Rankin. This is a hands-on learning experience, be prepared to express yourself while learning the history of the art, the tools, and the language of graffiti art! Learn… Read more →


The Forevertron

Dr. Evermore’s Steampunk Art Park….what more can one say? This is simply one of the most gorgeously envisioned use of scrap metal and parts one could hope to see. My absolute favorite? The FOREVERTRON! Art that incorporates the decontamination chamber from the Apollo 11 spacecraft? The Forevertron, a flock of birds made from musical instruments and more are the eclectic… Read more →

manual typewriters

Things I Miss…

Yes, I miss the sound of each letter  impacting a worn platen and the satisfying click of the perfect little circular key as it’s tapped. On my first day of typing class, we were introduced to motley rows of used manuals and seated in alpha order. The typewriter keys had been replaced with black faces to ensure we memorized the qwerty order. A schematic mounted at… Read more →

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 1.36.05 AM

RiverLift Industries – Early morning on the dock

Our Rivers: Yesterday and Today -The Monongahela River Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area Early morning mist rises along the river as work begins at RiverLift Industries in West Elizabeth. President and Co-Owner Bob Schaefer guided through the busy day of commodities and materials handling, providing a ride on the tug boat to shift loaded barges along the dock.… Read more →

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 1.30.59 AM

Brownsville Marine Products – Barge Launching

Our Rivers: Yesterday and Today -The Monongahela River Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area A thundering barge launch at Brownsville Marine Products! Stephanie Cook, Production/Scheduling Coordinator of BMP served as our guide during the production day in Brownsville which included a the launching of a completed barge. Our thanks to President and CEO Tim Scheib for his insights into… Read more →