Gateway Clipper Fleet – The Duchess

Our Rivers: Yesterday and Today -The Monongahela River

Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area

Above, Captain Kathleen Denham pilots the Duchess into dock at Station Square.

Ryan Newton, Captain and Director of Educational Programming at the Gateway Clipper Fleet served as our guide for filming activities on the Duchess. The Fleet provides the Who Works the Rivers Tour each summer to introduce students to employment environments and opportunities along our waterways. Captain Denham, our pilot, provided a tour of the wheelhouse and insight into the Captain’s duties and training options for pilots. First Mate Richard Marsh introduced the many options for entering the Fleet service and his personal path to work on the Duchess.

Our thanks to all the crew for the generosity in sharing their personal experiences and insights on the working river community and to Hanna Kenedy-Wirginis, Marketing Coordinator of the Gateway Clipper Fleet, for arranging our production with the Fleet.

Gateway Clipper Duchess - piloted by Captain Kathleen Denham